About Standard Entertainment

The name Standard Entertainment came about by the owner Dave Hill spending his time at The New Standard social club in Grimsby.  Having known the Secretary of the club for many years both professionally and as good friends ‘Standard’ was suggested to him.  Also many years earlier Dave’s first gig began at a social club and so eventually by 2014, Standard Entertainment was born.



About our DJs


Dave Hill


Dave has been a DJ for over 35 years.

He has always loved music from being a boy and became involved in various local disco companies over the years before setting up Standard Entertainment in 2014.

He loves being part of someone’s special day or event with the disco business,  adding to and joining in in their celebration. His reward is someone saying they’ve had a brilliant night!

Dave has had many jobs.

He’s worked on farms,  been a mechanic,  owned a garage,  driven breakdown vehicles,  HGV lorries, worked in pubs & clubs and now is the new licensee of The Honest Lawyer public house in Ladysmith Road Grimsby which he will be running with Jo.

Dave loves meeting and talking to people through all walks of life.

Dave was happy doing the odd disco at The New Standard Club and for family & friends…… then along came his partner Jo! She saw potential in Standard Entertainment and now the company is going from strength to strength!


Keyley, Daves Daughter.

Keyley, Daves Daughter.

Keyley has grown up singing and dancing alongside her dad so it seemed natural for her to join Standard Entertainment as her love of music and entertainment shines through!

Keyley is very natural entertaining at childrens parties, dancing with them and playing games as she is very energetic and enthusiastic, she is equally at home in adult enviroments, in fact Keyley is a must for any party!







Our DJ Kenny comes to us with lots of experience as a full all around party DJ.

Kenny is at home dancing with the children, partying at a 70th birthday party and everything in between!

Kenny is a brilliant DJ for any party and always ready to fill in at short notice, It has been known for us to have a phone call to cover a disco (someone had been let down) at 11.15am (party due to start at 12. One quick call to Kenny and we’re on our way! We were set up and entertaining the children by 11.50!



Liam has been with us since the beginning of June 2015 and is proving himself to be a very valuable member of our team. He is from a sporty background and is also into fitness, he has hosted football presentations for us, but loves the clubbing side and excels himself at 18th & 21st birthdays where he feels at home.
He enjoys the mix that Mobile DJ-ing brings.





IMG_0690  Alex


Alex is our Karaoke King!! He’s brilliant and has quite a following .He loves to join in singing and is the resident DJ when Pepys have our karaoke nights every second Saturday of the month.


IMG_0729  Jez

Jez is a great childrens entertainer and all round DJ. He’s equally at home in the “Olaf” costume at a childs party or DJing a 50th birthday party. As long as you’re having a good time that’s all that matters to Jez!


IMG_0731     IMG_0732  Mary-Ann & Tasha

Mary-Ann & Tasha are our very lovely Princesses! They will dress up, sing and entertain children at parties.The kids LOVE them! The energy and enthusiasm these girls have will help to tire out your little ones! They both enjoyed dressing up recently at the Christmas Light Switch On in Top Town Grimsby and it was freezing cold but neither felt it as they were too busy dancing and having photos taken with the children!




Our Residencies


Our current residencies are:



  • The Honest Lawyer
  • St James Hotel
  • Pepys
  • The New Standard Club And Institute
  • The Hope & Anchor
  • The Empire



  • The Victory Club Barton


  • The Point
  • Macys Lounge


For details call Dave on 07450 833393.





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